Poetic PRoductions Covid Policy

Poetic Productions believes in a safe work environment for both clients and the entire Poetic teamPoetic Productions follows all recommended CDC guidelines and restrictions to the best of their ability.


At of the time of this declaration, the entire Poetic team and staff have received all required doses of the vaccination brand they were able to obtain per current CDC guidelines.


The Poetic Productions team will carry on their person at least (1) mask that meets current CDC guidelines, (1) set of disposable gloves per team member, and if possible* hand sanitizer. Poetic Productions team will also make it’s best effort to wash hands frequently throughout the day per CDC guidelines as often as needed and production location and schedule allows.

*Due to the production type, liquid hand sanitizers may not be able to be brought by Poetic team members due to storage of liquids near electronic gear.

Social DistanCING:

The Poetic Productions team will follow all social distancing guidelines per CDC recommendations to the best of its ability. The Poetic team will also attempt to further distance when requested if the adequate space allows, and the team can still perform the predetermined obligations of the production. If the spacing is not obtainable, the Poetic team will do its best to adhere to all other guidelines to the best of its ability.

Requested Covid-19 Testing:

If a client requests a negative Covid-19 test prior to production, the request MUST be made within two (2) weeks of production date. If requested negative test is outside of the scope of the Production Agreement, a charge for the Poetic team’s time may apply. 

Poetic Team’s Rights to a safe work environment 

If the Poetic team is on site for production and current CDC regulations regarding Covid-19 are not being followed by client, Poetic has the right to remove themselves from the situation until the situation is rectified, or may remove themselves from the production all together. Poetic team will do its best to make notice to client of the situation if at all possible before removing as their safety allows. 

If you have any an questions or need clarification, please email Keith Jorgensen at Keith@poetic-productions.com, or by phone at 312.863.4007.